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Independent Study Two-Day Program

School Information

In addition to the regular Independent Study at-home program, the optional Two-Day program allows students to participate in a more traditional school environment coupled with at-home studies. The Two-Day program is available for grades 1-6, and is arranged into two groups, a Monday-Tuesday group and a Wednesday-Thursday group. In order to maintain a higher teacher-to-student ratio, space in the Two-Day program is limited.

Also, with Galileo's Two-Day Program, Independent Study students are given the opportunity to interact socially with peers through their collaborative group work and conversations. A portion of the curriculum instruction is also devoted to character education through the acquirement of soft skills and logical thinking skills.

The Two-Day program emulates a routine, classroom-like schedule. Students are taught the core subjects of reading, language arts and mathematics during their time at Galileo. The students are also given the opportunity to practice test taking skills through test prep lessons. Also, the students are given the opportunity to participate in an elective class.

For more information regarding the Two-Day program, please see your child's teacher or the school's main office.

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