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SARB Information

School Information

SARB Information 2008-2009

The SARB Process (as established by California State Law):

3 unexcused absences = Truant

  • Reported to School Attendance Monitor
  • Warning letter sent to parents

6 unexcused absences - 2nd Truancy

  • Reported to School Attendance Monitor
  • Official truancy letter sent to parents
  • District Attorney notified

9 unexcused absences = 3rd Truancy

  • Classified as a Habitiual Truant
  • Parents subject to a summons to appear at a SARB Hearing attended by the District Attorney, School Police Officer, District SARB Coordinator and school representatives

Note: 10 excused absences are considered excessive under state law and will result in the student being entered into the SARB process.

For more information on the SARB process and its penalties, please visit the school office.

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