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Child Welfare and Attendance 

The Child Welfare and Attendance team consists of a supervisor and eight liaisons, or CWALs, who work in pairs for a total of 4 teams. Each team is assigned 4 to 5 School sites to represent each of the 18 schools in Victor Elementary School District.

Every week, the CWAL team meets/services their school sites on the same day. The team also meets with sites' MTSS teams twice a trimester to review attendance, wellness, and other data and share what we have learned.

The primary purpose of the CWAL team is to help re-engage students and families to improve student attendance and relationships with their schools. We go out to families' homes and have conversations with families and find out what obstacles and challenges they face regarding attendance. We collaborate on different strategies to help them work through the obstacles to get their students to school.

However, it's not just attendance; we help families in need connect with services that can help them in their daily life. This can be as complex as getting them in contact with social and emotional support or as basic as delivering school supplies and commodities. We regularly visit our homeless shelters, hotels, apartment complexes, and mobile home communities to build relationships with the individuals that work and live there.

Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson
Supervisor, Child Welfare Attendance