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All 28 of our classrooms at Galileo incorporate Gifted and Talented Education strategies into their daily learning. We are focused on maximizing each student’s potential and use these strategies to assist in meeting this goal. Our goal is to provide activities and instructional strategies designed to be compatible with how the brain processes information. We strive to challenge and improve the skills of all students while making sure to challenge our gifted and high-ability students. At Galileo, we are helping students become thinkers. Galileo staff take strategies previously reserved only for identified GATE students and introduces them to all of our students regardless of ability levels. Through differentiation, interdisciplinary thematic instruction, use of the Icons of Depth and Complexity, questioning strategies, creativity, research, and hands-on real life experiences our students have fun with learning while maximizing their potential.Teachers, students, and parents work together to foster each student’s maximum potential through use of GATE and 21st Century strategies.

Galileo School of Gifted and Talented Education
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AR Home Connection

Parents and guardians can now view your child's progress toward meeting their Accelerated Reader goal. You will need your child's unique username and password before you can view specific information about your child's progress. This information will be sent home with your child the first week of school and can be obtained from your child's teacher. Home Connect is initially set up for students in grades 2-6, however, kindergarten and first-grade students are added once they meet the independent reading requirements necessary to participate. In these cases, please see your child's teacher.